Dairyfest was started in 1988 by a small committee of merchants to help promote local business. Joel Steele was one of the founding fathers of Dairyfest and passed the torch on only after ensuring that Dairyfest was well rooted and an annual event that residents looked forward to every August.

Dairyfest has contributed back to the community as a fundraiser for different projects including:

  • The addition and elevator at the Winchester Arena
  • Helped to replace the air conditioner at the Winchester Arena
  • The purchase of chairs and tables at the Community Centre
  • Contributions towards the 100 Club Park development.
  • Purchased curtains for the Community Centre
  • Replaced the the ceiling of the Community Centre
  • Purchased picnic tables for the park
  • Purchased baby change tables for the bathrooms in the Arena
  • Purchased 2 sand diggers for the 100 Club Park playground
  • Contributed to the redevelopment of the Sweet Corner Park
  • Made contributions to the following community groups:
  • Winchester Heelers
  • North Dundas Movie Committee
  • Happy Face Nursery School
  • Rideau Hill Camp
  • Winchester Curling Club
  • Contributed to the upgrade & refurbishment of the kitchen and bar upstairs at Winchester Arena


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