Catch Neville Wells, Peggy White & One More Last Chance on Saturday, August 10 at Sweet Corner Park.

Neville Wells is a legend in country music in the Ottawa Valley and his recordings are known across Canada. A resident of Perth, Neville was named Country Music’s Person of the Year by the Canadian Country Music Association in 1984, he founded Country Music News, and played a lead role in starting the legendary Ompah Stomp festival.  He in an inductee of the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame.  In the ‘60s, Neville and Peter Hodgson created the folk duo Nev and Pete and later played in The Children (w. Bruce Cockburn, Hodgson and David Wiffen.)

Peggy White is a singer and guitar player who toured Canada for several decades with country bands. She’s recorded two albums “Fair Is Fair” (2002) and “Falling” (2009). These days, Peggy is internationally acclaimed – in Canada, Japan, the US, and Europe – as a maker of beautiful acoustic guitars. She returns to the stage and her country roots with One More Last Chance. Peggy lives in Almonte and was recently named by Japan’s prestigious “Guitar Magazine” as one of the best 100 guitar builders in the world.

Frank Koller is a guitarist who, in the 1970s and ‘80s, was a jazz, country and folk player, session musician, recording artist (“Single Malt”) and band leader (TV, radio, July 1st on Parliament Hill,) then lured away to 3 decades of international reporting for CBC News. Back then, he played with everyone from Anne Murray to Englebert Humperdinck to Ian Tamblyn to Colleen Peterson to Bobby Vee to Robert Charlebois to Roy Rogers. He’s back and pumped to bring together 7 other great players in One More Last Chance.

Peter Beaudoin has been one of Ottawa’s most respected drummers and band leaders for 4 decades, playing Latin jazz, country and pop music. Peter studied at Humber College, in New York and L.A.. Peter has performed with an incredible range of stars, Canadian and international, and travelled the globe with them.

Michael Ball Ottawa + Fiddle = Michael Ball, whether in his own band Ball & Chain, in countless other bluegrass, country and traditional fiddle groups and now, in One More Last Chance. Over many years, Michael has toured across Canada, the US and Europe with a wide variety of musicians in a wide variety of styles.

Randy Demmon is a pianist, composer-arranger, double bassist and teacher with six collections of original piano music to his credit. As a band leader and performer, he’s traveled extensively in Canada and abroad. His musical travels have taken him from Resolute and Grise Fiord in Canada’s Far North to Tasmania in the southern hemisphere.   

Ken Kanwisher is a bass player, cellist, keyboard player, recording engineer, studio owner and teacher. He’s played bass for Amanda Bon, Charlie Major, Ian Tamblyn, The Telegrams, the NAC Orchestra, his jazz group The Sugarsticks, many TV and theatre performances and countless recordings. The list of albums he has produced is simply too long to list.

Dan Artuso has played pedal steel and guitar for everyone who is anyone in and around Ottawa for the past 3 decades. Most recently, he has played and toured with the Two Lynns: Juno award winners Lynn Miles and Lynn Hansen. Dan was a key musician in the legendary Ottawa band Fat Man Waving. He toured Europe with Dario Dominguez and appeared many times on TV shows, backing artists on the Tommy Hunter Show, the Rita MacNeil Show and George Hamilton IV.